Dychem's Greasan kitchen degreaser cleaner.

Powerful kitchen degreaser, effortlessly degrease and clean kitchen walls, canopy, extraction system, tiles, ceilings and floors  quick without any heavy scrubbing.


Picture of Original product label

image of Dychems original GREASAN product label

Telephone number changed to 01555 892929

Product supplied now with CATERSAN label

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DyChems GREASAN Industrial Degreaser

  • DYCHEM GREASAN Heavy Duty Industrial Kitchen Degreaser
  • NOTE NEW TEL NUMBER 01555 892929
  • 4 pack Money Off Discount Special Offer - Box 4x5Lt
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Concentrated Industrial Anti-Bacterial Degreaser
  • Spectacular performance
  • Average Cost per spray bottle 10p
£118.00 £84.20
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