DYCHEM THE ELBOW GREASE PEOPLE Original Dychem International UK

Original Dychem International UK Ltd logo

Dychem International (UK) Ltd. started trading in 1971, a sales company, under the direct supervision of Ian Laird. Above is the original logo of Dychem and would be remembered emblazoned across the front of their national sales force's large orange sales folder. The Sales team covered all areas of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, selling a limited range of products, sold then, only in large 30, 60, 120 and 210 litre, blue drums, was spearheaded by their bestseller "Elbow Grease".

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Second generation Dychem International UK Ltd logo

In 1982, the company underwent a major rebranding which was to promote their best selling product in the new logo, a new image and a change of marketing, after strong lobbying from the sales force, which introduced the blue, five litre "All Rounder" container, and expanding product range over the next two years from 21 to around 37 different products.

The company was reborn as Dychem - The Elbow Grease People!. Orange was superceded by blue with the company's image and all new containers also in blue. The company prided themselves in full and factual health and safety information being the first to introduce safety data sheets for all their products.

In 1986, the company underwent a management buyout, that created a more secure sales force, but failed to meet it's financial targets and the board of directors was subsequently restructured in April 1989.

The successful joint MD role of the financial director and sales director enjoyed 2 highly profitable years which came to an end in September 1991 when they both resigned, due to shareholders (former employees) trying to suppress their day to day running of the business.

The shareholders reinstated some previous management and the company went into liquidation some twelve months later, Oct 1992.

Many of the company's staff moved to competitive companies or started similar sales type companies.

Similar products can be bought from several sales sources.

One director of the original company still actually "MANUFACTURES" the original formulae.

Auto Glo 
Bilge Cleaner
Elbow Grease

Greased Lightning 
Grease Power 



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Dynamic Chemicals manufactures all of the Dychem range to the "Original Dychem Formulation" and still has a stock of the original labels, but prefers to market them under a different name to prevent customer confusion, as similar products were available from a number of different sources with differing formulae.

Dychem products still available at 1986 prices, direct from the factory to your door. These products come with a 100% money back guarantee, that they are original formula.


ELBOW GREASE : 20 litres, (4x5 lt box) is £4.75 per litre (delivered mainland UK).

GREASAN: 20 litres, (4x5 lt box) is £4.75 per litre (delivered mainland UK).

DYGRYME : ONLY £ 1.95 per litre (based on 2 x 25 ltre drums delivered mainland UK).

ALUMINATE : (aluminium truck body/ alloy, acid) Still £1.99 per litre (based on 2x25 litre drums delivered mainland UK).

email order With "DYCHEM ORDER" in subject line to

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For repeat purchases we will give you a login to our secure online store for easier repeat orders, delivered next day UK mainland, and alternative shipping terms for remote or islands.

Dychem product MSDS will be current EC compliant data sheet, emailed with VAT receipt.

Enjoy ORIGINAL DYCHEM THE ELBOW GREASE PEOPLE products cheaper, but still the same old "original" quality.




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